At Ripple Effect Learning, we begin by asking questions and listening to your needs. Then, we work with you to design teambuilding, learning and development, and change management strategies that will take you and your organization from where you are now to where you want to be. Some examples of services that we've provided to other clients: coaching (either individual or team coaching), experiential teambuilding sessions, strategic planning sessions, various leadership training sessions, customer service courses, and a variety of professional development courses for individual contributors. We can also teach you and your team about process improvement tools so that you can streamline your daily operations. Finally, we have a wealth of experience in implementing large-scale organizational changes. Call us today at 978-201-0183 to get started on the path to more meaningful work relationships, more efficient work processes or quicker results.

Team Development
How well does your team play well in the sandbox together? Are they drawing lines in the sand or having fun building something great together? The healthiest, most productive teams work together toward a common goal, know their roles and responsibilities, share advice and ideas freely, engage in healthy debates, and trust each other. These teams not only get great results, but their sense of camaraderie and purpose is palpable.
Every team begins with smart and committed people, but not all teams are working at top capacity. It's pretty common, in fact. Let us help you and your team move beyond your current roadblocks so that you can achieve extraordinary results. 
Interested in learning more about effective teams? Click on this link to read the New York Times article on Google's multi-year research on teams.
Learning & Development

Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? That feeling of excitement, mixed with a bit of anxiety or frustration?


Work is like that, too. For your organization to thrive and get results, you need people at all levels to have the knowledge, skills, confidence and enthusiasm to adapt to changing roles, leadership challenges, new projects, and constantly evolving customer expectations.


Sure, your organization can do this ride alone. But with REA by your side, you'll go off-course less frequently, hit fewer potholes, and achieve your goals more quickly.


We listen, we strategize, we coach, we conduct classes...our learning solutions are tailored to your needs.


Reach out to us today at 978-201-0183.

Change Management

Sometimes bringing about change in your organization can seem like white water rafting - exhilarating, but getting tossed about and bruised along the way. Other times, changes seem to happen more calmly and fluidly, with less resistance. Regardless of where you, your team, or your organization is on this change journey, we can help you. Our tried and true organizational change strategies will help you to implement change more quickly and get your employees engaged in the change process. 

Curious to know why bringing about even the smallest of behavior changes is sometimes difficult? Click here for a funny, insightful video.

If you liked the video, we highly recommend VitalSmart's book, Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change.