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Linde Ghere

Founder & Senior Consultant

About Linde

Linde's passion is helping leaders at all levels improve their work relationships, processes and results. This interest goes back to her first engineering job, when Linde was responsible for improving processes and achieving quality results in the aerospace industry. She quickly noticed that it was the people side of the equation that really made things happen...quickly, slowly, or somewhere in between.

For the past ten years, as founder and senior consultant with Ripple Effect Learning, Linde has shared her knowledge and experience with numerous clients in the Boston and Washington, D.C. areas. 

Experience and Education

As Linde took on team leader roles and moved into formal leadership positions, her fascination with questions such as,

  • What motivates people's behaviors at work? 

  • What are best practices for teams?

  • What skills and behaviors do great leaders share? and

  • What factors bring about organizational change more rapidly?

grew, so she supplemented her undergraduate degrees in physics and industrial engineering (process improvement) from Penn State with a master's degree in organizational psychology and concentration in human resource development from Towson University.

That deeper knowledge and experience propelled Linde into roles at the Maryland State Department of Education, where she helped struggling school systems understand their standardized testing data and implement improvement plans. She also led leadership training sessions and strategic planning sessions for superintendents, principals, and their school improvement teams. After that, she led various learning and development efforts for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, Linde spent ten years in senior-level leadership positions within the Johns Hopkins Medicine system: first as Senior Human Resources Manager before being promoted to Director of Service Excellence (organizational improvement). In her spare time, Linde taught evening courses for the Technical Management master's degree program at Johns Hopkins University's Whiting School of Engineering.

Proudest Career Moments

  • Facilitating one of the four U.S. public input sessions on climate change leading up to the Paris Summit on climate change. This was a joint effort between the Museum of Science and the United Nations...and involved gaining input and ensuring respectful conversations from a broad range of folks from climate change deniers to climate change advocates.

  • Leading organizational improvement efforts at Johns Hopkins Medicine~Howard County General Hospital that propelled the hospital from below the 10th national percentile to above the 75th national percentile in customer service ratings. Now, when they make the cover of Fortune magazine for Best Hospitals in America, it goes beyond saving lives, it's also for the care and compassion that they share with patients and families.

Interesting Facts

  • Linde loves to travel, both abroad, as well as within the United States. She is closing in on her goal of visiting all 50 states...only Hawaii and Oregon remain!

  • Linde enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking and biking.

  • On weekends or evenings, she may sometimes be found savoring a good book while relaxing in her hammock.